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Identify alternatives for polluting practices

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A movement started by Youth in Pune in 2017 to encourage individual contribution for nation’s development

Right from plaster of paris (POP) to DJ nights, the current trend of celebration invariably touches every part of nature and pollutes or interrupts.

An easy option frequently preferred and implemented as a solution to reduce pollution is to put ban on these practices. However, in order to really repair the root cause of the issue, it is also important to provide with an alternative.

Eco-Paavitrya is one such space that not only suggests the alternatives, but also provides platforms to practice them. Our vision is to reach upto 1000 schools through awareness campaigns, quizzes and contests.



Outreach & impact

Green-army has been set up by Deepastambha where the “soldiers” look after plantation drives and ensure that they are taken care of post the act of plantation.

Until now, this army has planted about 150 trees and has been engaged in their regular maintenance.

what we do

To encourage Eco Friendly celebrations by providing alternative to pollutable practices

Activities :

  • Organizing various contests in schools; Essay, slogan and poster making, skits and plays, eco-friendly decoration in schools across Pune.
  • A project in collaboration with the Municipal corporation of Pune on reusing “Nirmalya” ( remains after an offering made to god) as compost.


Schools in Pune and Lonavala.

Glimpses of our work

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Deepastambha Charitable Trust, PUNE

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Deepastambha Charitable Trust, Pune is a Charitable Trust registered under Bombay Public Trusts Act, 1950, (Reg No: E-5602).

Deepastambha Charitable Trust, Pune is registered under section 80G of Income Tax Act and also under the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, 2010. (FCRA)

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