Conserve To Serve

Conserve To Serve


– Promote modest use of non-renewable sources
– Spread awareness about ways to energy-friendly  lifestyle.

In today’s world Over-consumption and exhaustion of resources is a grievous challenge and an inseparable part of life. Though the dependency on energy sources cannot be completely cut off, there is still a scope to build what could be called an “energy friendly” lifestyle, by practicing modest use of available resources and by promoting use of durable, less- polluting alternatives.


The activities organized under “conserve to serve” mainly aim at spreading awareness about the crisis and promote conservation of electricity, fuel etc. They also include increasing familiarity with Solar energy as easily usable resource.

Other activities that are initiated under “Conserve to serve are” ;

Exposure visits (sewage water plants, Solar plants etc) 

Tree plantation drives

Outreach and impact

Green-army has been set up by Deepastambha where the “soldiers” look after plantation drives and ensure that they are taken care of post the act of plantation.

Until now, this army has planted about 150 trees and has been engaged in their regular maintenance.

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