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"Actions speak louder than words."

Deepastambha Charitable Trust is celebrating its 10th year...

So, in 2008, a small group of dynamic and socially aware youngsters decided to be the harbingers of change. To facilitate their dreams, they founded the social organization -Deepastambha. Deepastambha means "the pillar of light". These youngsters decided that they will bring the light of change, in our socially unaware darkness. They wanted to change the society's mindset from 'complaining' to 'cooperation'.


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  • Numerous cleaning campaigns at Khadakwasala, Parvati, Taljai, F.C. Road etc.
  • Knowledge sharing sessions on various social topics such as Nursing, Right To Information, Corporate Social Responsibility, Current Affairs,Child Abuse etc.
  • Various activities for a number of Orphanages, Old-age homes, Foundations supporting Cancer/HIV patients/Specially abled/Visually impaired & Children at construction sites etc.
  • Awareness activities related to Traffic, Right to Vote, Waste management etc.

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  • Eco-Paavitrya(Awareness Activities on Eco-Friendly Festival Celebration)

  • Conserve to Serve(Awareness Activities on Energy & Natural Resources Conservation)

  • Niramayaa(Awareness Activities on Health & Hygiene)

  • Upayn(Donation in the form of Gift)

  • Education & School Projects(Students Engagement for their all-round growth)

  • Gramarthan(Making Villages Self-contained)

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Our Associations

Deepastambha charitable Trust teams up with various corporates ,schools and social organizations in order to bring about social change.

It is working with various companies/ MNCs as a part of their CSR (Corporate Social responsibility) activities.

It is associated with different other NGO’s ,orphanages, old age homes, blind age homes, special children schools, organizations working for HIV positive people, last stage cancer patients, physically handicapped etc.

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Deepastambha Charitable Trust

Email Id: deepastambha@gmail.com

Mobile no.: +91 997070 4444


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