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Deepastambha Charitable Trust – BESTOWER 2020

Think Different To Be Different

BESTOWER 2020 is a member of Deepastambha Charitable Trust (DCT) who think differently,who act,who dream and take the responsibility of the dream for our own organization


(M.Sc. in Biotechnology)

Hello,  I have been a member of Deepastambha Charitable trust for the past 5 years.

There’s one question that everyone keeps asking me. What do you love about Deepastambha? And there it is…it has so many things, that it’s impossible to only name one.

So to name a few of the qualities of Deepastambha ,I would say we definitely have a crystal clear approach regarding every activity we do and every project that we undertake. Along with the clear mindset about the projects Deepastambha also has a clear set of framework to make the project a successful one, and the cherry on top is that each and every member makes sure that they adhere to it. Last but not the least it’s the management skills of our whole team that makes our ideas do wonders!!!

In today’s uncertain times of this Covid-19 pandemic Deepastambha has shown a great skill to hold on to each other and keep up the good work without a single break.

Keeping in mind the sense of togetherness and the will to keep on working for the betterment of the  society, we as a team will overcome any obstacle that comes. Having such a mindset and enthusiasm in everyone’s the key strength of all Deepastambha members.

In the coming span of 4-5 years I believe that by taking great strides forward in our current projects we will be able to take them to newer heights and
much on a grander scale.

I hope to see Deepastambha grow into a bigger and stronger family, working for the betterment of the society and inspiring others to do so!!
Thank you!

BESTOWER : Onkar Mandalik

( Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical engineering )

Hello everyone, Today I would like to share the best thing that has happened to me till date..that is being a member of Deepastambha Charitable Trust(DCT).

I had never thought that a single cup of tea would lead me to the most amazing journey of my life.

It was November 2014 when two volunteers of DCT who were promoting the most awaited event of the year – UPAYN (Deepastambha’s mega donation camp)  and some of my friends invited me for tea ,where we discussed about Deepastambha…… and that’s how my journey began with this wonderful group of people.

The thing I like about Deepastambha is it’s work culture and the freedom given to share new ideas and to get to work on that is the real deal.This is the reason for 600+ members working just in Pune city.

The best thing about Deepastambha is that everyone here knows why we are doing what we are doing and I think this will definitely help us go through all the troubles and still keep us all connected. Teamwork is one of the best strength of DCT, Everyone shares an immense respect for each other.

With Covid-19 we surely have to change the way of conducting activities and all other work as well but the energy and intensity will not be hampered. We will have to distribute the work force and complete the tasks at different levels. Conducting the activities online and designing them accordingly is going to be a task. But as I said earlier we always work as a team and we will definitely figure it out.

I personally want to see our members working all over the country but for the next few years I would definitely love to see Deepastambha working in all the regions of our state. Looking at the speed and expansion of our work on different projects it doesn’t seem difficult. I think we need to find some focused members in new cities and around the state who will help spread the philosophy of DCT and add value to our society. This will definitely bolster the organization and help to enhance it. With new members coming in from different regions with different problems and ideas we will gain various perspectives to look forward to which will elevate Deepastambha for sure.

To gather such devoted members we can organize few promotional activities in colleges, hostels, and many different platforms. To kick start this movement we can also collaborate with the local NGOs in various cities.

I would love to be the part of this process and would definitely contribute as much as possible.

Remember, Till our “WHY” is clear nothing can stop us.

Thank you.

BESTOWER : Komal Kachare

( Student of Law )

How can one not take the opportunity to express about Deepastambha Charitable Trust (DCT) – the organization of perennial passion for helping illuminate lives through work rendered in the interest of society?

The one wonderful thing about Deepastambha that not only binds all its members into one but also effects light into the lives of so many others is the endearing love at the source of every initiative undertaken. Love for bringing about a change, love for targeted work at betterment and the love for the smile at its achievement!

A persistent 11 years at such tireless striving for social betterment all in the dust, soil and mud and here comes knocking the pandemic- COVID-19, locking us up in our houses. Halt to our work? Think again. Deepastambha goes online with all initiatives and continues awareness campaigns! Where does such an ardent resolve source itself from? An honest determination to render selfless service aimed at change so innately imbibed in the organizational culture that the collective slogan goes: #nobreak even amid a pandemic. This resolute culture that holds fast onto the focus will ensure us back on track and ground no sooner do conducive conditions set in.

The pandemic has affected all lives and working conditions world over, us being no exception. Our perspective of our own world stands to change, most people say. Doesn’t this entail a change in our organization? Apart from facilitating social distancing and sanitization that have become part of our lives now, an enhanced focus on health, well-being and environment centered activities to undertake waits to deliver a stronger impact on people, who are now extra sincere and sensitive towards it. Seizure of this opportunity would pay-off positively for sure.

Having achieved important milestones in a decade-plus journey now, Deepastambha , with a fervent membership, a repository of experiences, an affectionate culture, discipline and focused determination at work, would be able to be a platform for more and more number of people willing to do their optimistic bit to help make a change as well as those who require it, beyond urban circles. This can be facilitated with the help of our online working experience which got majorly added to now. With further polishing, it can help involve the virtual world in our working to expand our reach and impact more than before. Members with professional expertise in particular fields assigned working on specific projects could help deliver further better in those. With this, Deepastambha in 2025 looks from my lenses as the perfect manifestation of ‘the helping hand’ for whoever needs it, nearer or farther, for betterment with a bigger, stronger family and a longer schedule!

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