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Deepastambha Charitable trust (DCT) is one of the well known NGOs that has been working in various social development fields and is based out of Pune. Through our project Gramarthan we have been working for sustainable village development. The main objective of the project is to become a medium of development for the villages. Through this project we intend to help  villages who are willing to develop and are taking steps in that direction. With the help of prior surveys we find out the needs of the particular village and provide assistance accordingly.

Our OPD team consisted of Doctors as well as DCT volunteers. Deepastambha arranged to and fro transportation for the team along with the basic OPD essentials and timely refreshments. We helped in setting up the OPD equipment’s like weighing machine, BP check-up Machine, Blood Glucose monitoring machine and other required equipment’s. We also keep a generic medicines stock and keep an updated inventory for the same. Initially our OPD service and distributed medicines were provided free of cost. This saw a many fold increase in the  number of patients visiting but maintaining the quality of the OPD became a task . Eventually we started charging minimal fees to the patients so as to cover the operational costs.

The team of Doctors who conducted the OPD gave not only medicines but also prescribed home remedies to patients like exercise, massage, or suggested use of medicinal plants like Tulsi, Turmeric, ginger etc. These home remedies helped cure ailments without making a dent in the pocket of the villagers and this led to trust building and further led to the success of the OPD. In Ranjane, we have been consistently conducting OPD’s on every last Sunday of the month. Our Consistency and positive treatment results caught attention of other nearby villages as well and they approached our team to conduct OPD in their villages. Looking at this request our village coordinators further conducted surveys and we are shortly planning to conduct OPD’s at few more villages like Ambed, Khamgaon and Kondhgaon once in a month.  To fulfill the need of OPD’s in these villages we are looking for efficient doctors who are more than willing to devote their time for social work and are passionate about their service to society.

Under Gramarthan we have also successfully conducted health check-up camps like –

  • Eye check-up
  • Breast cancer primary screening
  • Cervical cancer primary screening
  • Dental camps primary check up
  • ENT
  • Orthopedic
  • Dermatology camp

Primary check up for the camps is conducted via our OPD. We further arrange visit to the camp host institutions for those who need further treatment. Recently we conducted dental check up camps for children in Ranjane, Ambed, Khamgaon, Kondhgaon. Children who needed further treatment were taken to Bharati Hospital. All treatment at Bharati hospital was done FREE of COST. Villagers took responsibility of the travelling expenses of the Children from Velhe to Bharati Vidyapeeth. Reports on these are updated and filed under activities of Gramarthan and available for members to view. This procedure is followed for all our village camps thus maintaining data accuracy and operational transparency.

In this current pandemic situation Asha workers and Government authorities are distributing medicines and other basic medical facilities in Velhe Taluka so need of the Physical OPD has reduced but Gramarthan Team is looking forward to help the villagers in their medical needs once again.

Kapilesh Joshi
Deepastambha Charitable Trust, Pune


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